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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


In previous years, I was super charged about Christmas decorating. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, the house gets purged, everything that is not seasonal is stripped, to be replaced by holly, berries, evergreen, santas and snowmen. We only get to do this for a month. I'm out to make every corner special [tasteful, but special]

Welcome to life with three wild men: We've had the tree for five days and the middle half is decorated. The ornaments on the bottom have been plucked off and twirled on tiny fingers for admiring eyes. The top of the tree is missing its lights. Have you ever tried to rekindle strings of lights with two grabby toddlers about? Well when things got hairy and the lights required some detailed attention that was the end of that job. What was lit, got hung.

My dining room, which already doubles as our closet while construction is in process, now has the mountains (I'm not exaggerating) of storage boxes that in previous years were whisked away before the branches on the tree settled because they were empty and the house was draped in Christmas. Today, still all partially full.

I do have my Holiday Pine Home Fragrance Oil in my lamp ring so at least it smells festive!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


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