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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finger Painting

Sam hates finger paints. He always has. Once in a blue moon I can get him to use the finger paints we have -- with a brush. Finally a few weeks ago, he told me why he doesn't finger paint. Simple: it's sticky.

fine. logical. does not prevent development. does not inhibit in anyway. finger paints are out.

Regularly, he also decides to pass on projects at school. No reason given.

As they say, admission is the first step to recovery. Yesterday. I picked him up from school when he excitedly told me that he finger painted "with these two fingers." I said, "these two [ring and pinky]?".
"No. These two [pointer middle]."
"These two [pointer middle, holding up both hands]?
"No Mommy. Not four fingers. Just two."

ps - it was white paint that they got to sprinkle blue glitter on to and glitter sticks to your fingers, but you don't eat it.


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