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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Meet Abu

We went to the zoo last week. The boys walked the entire zoo, chased after the sea lions, growled to the polar bears, followed the rocky mountain big horn sheep, roared and the tigers, hopped like the walaroo and held hands with each other the entire time. Sammy needed to know what they all ate and directed the entire agenda. Aidan and Noah were really interested for the first time.

They got so tired and we were ready to go. Except Sam remembered the new baby giraffe. I couldn't tell him the little white lie that would have gotten us in the car a half hour sooner. He announced that we'd forgotten to go see the giraffe while Noah was absolutely fried and Aidan was starting to lose it. I just couldn't say no.

Meet Abu! He was born Septebmer 23. At his ripe old age of 3 1/2 months is over 8 feet tall!
The boys were mesmerized and everyone their energy back very quickly!! This isn't a great picture; it's just their web picture. He's so cute and wobbles around, snuggling with his mom.

By the way, Abu means "first born son"


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