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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

John Popper and me

For years, I've been huge Blues Traveler fan. While I'm not alone, I stand as a tiny minority among people I know. I can remember hearing my first BT song, predictably "But Anyway". I was in a bar while in NYC for the first time, after shooting the worm and earning myself a T-shirt for the efforts. I've got a far and away favorite from every album [chronologically: Alone, All In The Groove, Trina Magna, Regarding Steven, Price to Pay, Psycho Joe, Girl Inside My Head, Sweet and Broken, tba) and have an association with each album about the time and phase in my life it's tied to. Oddly there is always one song from each album that I skip through but otherwise love the whole package. I think John Popper's writing is brilliant.

The third H.O.R.D.E. tour was easily the best concert of my life - Big Head Todd & Sheryl Crow (waaay before Lance). I crossed my fingers for the band's future when JP went solo and boycotted by not buying the album. I lost it when I was told that "somebody from Blues Traveler died" and was certain that it was him. I weep everytime I hear "Pretty Angry". (if you haven't heard it, it is sheer genius through grief). Happy for the weight loss. That new keyboarder made me nervous. And far from what I hope is the end of the story, Bastarditos is keeping the love affair alive and well.

This is a very roundabout way of telling you about the very proud moment of Sammy trying to play his harmonica along with John Popper this morning! Absolutely adorable, and so satisfying that I finally have a kindred spirit outside of concert throngs and cyberspace. Plus Scott hates BT so this is karmic retribution for making me ever listen to The Bobs.


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