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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Try To Stay With The Class

Mommy: We’re taking Daddy’s car to the car doctor
Sammy: Why?
Mommy: It needs a check-up, like when Mommy went to Dr. Tota-Thurn when you guys were with me (That is another entry entirely!!)
Sammy: Do the four.
Mommy: exaggerated pause of confusion
Mommy: pause continues...
Mommy: silent AHA!!!
Conversation continues:
Mommy: You want to know who were all four of the people that came into the room at the doctor's office?
Sammy: yes!
Mommy: There was the nurse who weighed me and took my temperature. There was...
Sammy: The tooth was the Tota-Thurn.
Mommy: again exaggerated pause of confusion, during which I am also stiffling a giggle b/c he doesn't like my doctor b/c she busted him picking on his brother when my back was turned.
Yes, the second one was Dr. Tota-Thurn. And then Gina’s friend (who works in the office), Leisel and...
Sammy: Oh I remember. She was like the Bubbulla’s teacher Jackie.
Mommy: The nurse’s name was Jackie?
Sammy: No. She was like her.
Mommy: Did she look like her?
Sammy: Yes. Who was the last one?
Mommy: The nurse that gave me the shot.
Sammy: Oh. Do the four again.


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