Whoa Mama

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I'm at the moment watching over my shoulder for the imminent jet lag to strike with a vengeance. And by all accounts I should be squarely in the middle of jet lag, but I'm wide awake after about 7 glorious hours of sleep. I need about 5 more.

We had a fabulous, exciting, non-stop jaunt through London! We did as much as we could in three and a half days, covering everything from Les Mis to the Jack the Ripper, The Penthouse (an exclusive Asian Fusion restaurant/club) to classic fish & chips, and Evensong at Westminster Abbey to Bob Dylan's first UK performance site, an eclectic, slightly grungy enclave called the Troubadour.

We're exhausted, happy to have been, happy to be home and incredibly grateful to Gina and Mom for having given us this reprieve!


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