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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sam's just funny

I told Sam we were going to "W Kids" (the playground in the grocery store). He said, "OK. But I'm an S Kid"

At the zoo, he was counting off for the polar bear about to jump in the water, "one-two-three- GO" The funniest part is the bear jumped. Then he told the other one, "Mister! Mister! Mister Polar Bear! Go get in the water with your friend. He's having fun in the water!"

He made up a song about cheese.

He told me, while his brothers were wearing red and blue coats respectively, that he was going to hold the red one's hand.

Keeps a cup of water with a terrycloth frog in it in the bathroom. He checks on it, feeds it, talks to it and plays with it. [we do have a dog]

In the middle of a walk, turned to me to say, "A rickshaw has more wheels than the tricycle in 'Vroom vroom on the Doe' [which is actually Vroom Vroom on the Go a book that goes with his Leap Pad]
As only a three year old can, he talked to the baby giraffe, called him by name and said good-bye when we were leaving.
Started a knock-knock joke. I played my part with "who's there?" He evidently forgot the rest and said, "SAMMY"


At 6:25 PM , Anonymous mary pat said...

Who doesn't want your life? Give that SKid a big kiss!


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