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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ms. Norline and today's Shainela day

This is Ms. Norline's last week as the head teacher of Sammy's class. When I first told him that she was leaving, he was crushed. He told us he was purple for the rest of the day. I think he's ok with it now. Everytime he's put crayon to paper this week, he's said, "this picture is for Ms. Norline." He even suggested that of the scribble he made on the MagnaDoodle.

He was particularly goofy when he got home from school. He told me that he was the only boy in the pool, that it was just Sammy and Ms. Norline in the Shainela room, that as the line leader he didn't take the class anywhere. Suddenly he got very serious and said, "Ms Norline choose Sammy for the line leader." He glowed and was so proud of himself.

I asked him about the other helpers. He said, "we have a silly name for one of the helpers. Sometimes we don't call the weather helper. Today Orli got to be the Meaty Us Oligis."


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