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Friday, March 24, 2006


I was going to entitle this "Surrender", but I think I already have a post called that.

I really think Sammy was relatively easy to potty train because we were home all the time and I was pregnant and could park my roundness on the bathroom floor, reading for hours.

Aidan and Noah are interested in the potty. But finding the time and focus is so difficult. Sammy wants M&Ms everytime they walk past the bathroom. When one of them does pee, it is like punishment for the other who doesn't get the Ms. Sam needs to be in there all the time, calling the shots. Which books to read. Which songs to sing. And did I mention the constant requests for M&Ms. Our bathroom is not all that big and you put four people in there...even if three of them are pint-sized...and it is tight. And forget about giving any attention to our reason for being there!

I think I need to hang up the seats for a few months.

Or years.

Or until I hear, "Mom, I'd like to use the big potty since they don't allow diapers on the varsity team."


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