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Friday, April 14, 2006

two sides of three boys

People say they know the different cries of their children. They know what they’re child needs without much effort. When Sam was first born, this notion of maternal instinct was, as it is to most new parents, foreign at best. The idea that you are just some how to know is intimidating; the implication is that without it you earn the instant stamp of bad parent.

Fast forward four years. It is hard to parent, but there is no magic trick, one answer or….secret language.

Today when the boys did not stop crying at naptime, I knew something was wrong. Understand though, that our children go to bed awake and do cry from their beds while falling asleep, sleeping and waking up. Kids cry. Today it was different. I knew it.

I went in to find both babies entirely naked and both had pooped. Thankfully Scott was close and able to help quickly. Problem solved.

Happy Easter!


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