Whoa Mama

Friday, November 17, 2006

There are no winners here

The new James Bond came out today. I'll let my husband tell you all about it since he and Gina went to the 12:01 am showing. Suffice to say, Daddy was out of commission this morning. So I knew I was on morning duty alone. The wrinkle in this arrangement came with my last drink: a white chocolate martini. That is how bad my judgement was after having already had several drinks. But Dad was buying and we were having a nice time. I really never get to see my dad alone for obvious reasons. Last night we got to actually have conversation, and with our pending changes, we needed to be able to talk in full sentences with out M&M-pestering munchkins around.

The point here is that Scott and I are worthless and the boys are having a parade right now with instruments.


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