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Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's Not Get Crazy

I've always felt really privileged that my mom was a stay-at-home mom for my entire childhood. Consequently, I knew that it was really what I wanted to be or at very least that I wanted my kids to have one parent at home. Even while aspiring to be an accomplished professional with 2 Masters degrees, my subconscious knew that this was a temporary arrangement. Fast forward a few years to when I meet this enchanting young fellow named Sam and forget it! I knew my calling was as his mom. I also quickly came to understand that this is not only a once-in-a-lifetime responsibility, but a privilege. There are some very very challenging days (today's included puke), but I have never regretted our decision to devote this time to our kids.

I do take this mom thing pretty seriously.
If I'm going to be home with them, I owe it to them to be their mom and give them as much time and attention as I can. So I really could care less how clean my house is. I monitor the tv they watch. I try to do crafts. I bake cookies. I make their food and try to keep a lid on the amount of processed food they eat. I drive Sam to school, even when the bus was an option. I will forgo cleaning to read or do just about anything with the kids.

It's pretty difficult to see the ground from up here on my high horse. I will assure you, though, that I am actually, physically STUCK to the ground. When beat with the Martha Stewart stick, I thought it would be fun to make marshmallows for our hot cocoa when it snowed last week. The boys couldn't have been less interested, other than to choose the color of their marshmallows. There were several steps, including stiff peaked egg whites and required obscure ingredients like unflavored gelatin. I still thought there might be some fun for the boys somewhere in there.

Well, there wasn't. I coated my kitchen in molten sugar, there was no instant gratification (refrigeration required) and purple marshmallows are weird looking. Some things shouldn't be messed with. Cel, talk me down this insanity if I ever go there again!


At 2:12 PM , Blogger mollymaureen said...

haha. Should I be doing my homework instead of reading your blog? yes...but that doesn't sound like fun. You do know that at this time of year they make purple marshmallows for sale at the store...in fun little easter shapes...

At 7:58 PM , Anonymous Betty said...

Does your kitchen look like a bee farm?

At 1:14 PM , Blogger Scott said...

And yet to this day, Daddy still has no fudge. My grandmother is rolling in her grave.

At 12:43 PM , Blogger Esther said...

HAHAHA! I forgot whatever I was going to say after reading Betty's comment. She wins.


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