Whoa Mama

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have so much to say. After a week at home!! I'll start that tonight when Scott goes to work for a crazy 10 hour overnight shift.

In the meantime, I, as the rest of the nation, am saddened by the events at Virginia Tech. I will not however go into a social commentary or use it as a political forum. I will only state my rabid outrage that Robin Meade, her producers, and CNN could not spare the one minute of silence that the VT campus gave to honor its vicitims. While the video played of individual balloons being released and bell tolls sounding, Robin Meade actually talked over the coverage! I understand that she broadcasts on "Headline News" that is to say, "News for Those Who Can't Be Bothered" (I was listening on Sirius) but CNN couldn't choke back one single minute of coverage?!?!


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