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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Trailer Tooth

Remember when you got lost your first tooth? Usually this happens in the 6 year old range. It is followed by the huge gap causing you to be a lisping kindergartener. Then you get this enormous bumpy mass that eventually your face grows into. But for a little while it is terribly awkward.

Well my bumpy mass was knocked out in an alleged playground "accident", when John hit me with a baseball bat. I ran screaming like my hair was on fire, with blood streaming down my face around the block from Reed Street playground. My mom was so mad that she sent John back to find the tooth parts. Thankfully we got to the dentist that night and had them capped before bed. Overnight my bumpy mass turned into a gleaming, smooth, new tooth! Over the years, this event has come back to haunt me. Inevitably the cap falls off or cracks leaving me with a gaping hole aka the trailer tooth in the front of my mouth. This has historically happened at very convenient times, like while I was in France for 5 months. It is never not awkward.

Guess what just happened?

She's not smiling because she has no teeth!!!


At 4:47 PM , Blogger Scott said...

And cue banjo music . . .


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