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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buffalo in a Nutshell

The Week in Review:

18 hours of driving (both ways)

3 kids
7 movies
3 of Grandma's muffins (one for each cheek, plus one for good measure)
1 yummy night of family and pasta
1 knee-weakening brunch...with loads of friends and family
1, only 1, walk around the park
7 good intentions to exercise everyday
1 dinner with our fairy god-grandmother and husband, who does great story voices
2 days off with GINA!!
6 fabulous women at our team meeting
10 hours taking advantage of Pop, which cost him:
6 bucks...one for each pocket
11 of the best women I know around one table with...
0 kids!!!!!!!
3 hours at the zoo with more of our favorite peeps, not Peeps
3 hours with best friend and baby in utero
1 hour with best friend and baby ex utero!! (Welcome, WILL!!!!)
4 glasses of wine with Julie
10 glorious Buffalo Wings (not pathetic Dominos knock-offs)
4 Bagel Jays bagels
6 hours of of Lulu cuddling

And not enough of any of it!
love to all!!!


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