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Friday, May 04, 2007


We have been planting. I know what my expectations are. How realistic they are is another story.

On the agenda is a vegetable garden, sunflowers/marigolds for birthday party guests, herb pots and some flower pots for the patio. One of them should take.

I've gotten the boys involved as much as possible. Bearing in mind that we are almost three and almost five. Our attention capacity is finite. Digging is fun. Tools are good. Seeds are touch and go. Thumbs up for large sunflower seeds. Thumbs down for wispy little marigold seeds.

Let me revisit item number 2 on my gardening agenda. Plants as gifts. We may have as many as 10 kids at the birthday party and Sam has 22 kids in his class. We had some work to do if we were to have any hope of passing these seedlings out. Armed with a bag of dirt, several packets of seeds and a water bottle and three little boys. We got down to business. I had an assembly line that would have made Henry Ford proud! Noah was scooping dirt, Aidan was inserting seeds and Sammy was watering.

We finished up with hand washing while I vacuumed all the spilled dirt. Then to stave off the gardening equivalent of "are we there yet?", we read Frog & Toad's The Garden. Toad screams at his seeds to get growing, then changes tack to read, sing, dance and talk to his seeds, until they finally sprout. It also gave Scott well over an hour of virtual silence to get the sleep that most of use get between 2am - 3am.

This is the second day of planting so Sammy isn't in it :-(

I told my friend about this very industrious use of an hour
, to which she complimented me with "That is a Gold Star Mom Day! Any one care to guess what my normal loving and supportive husband said when I told him about the seedlings as gifts for our young guests?? The big jerk said, "are you going to include candy or something with it?"

Well, I am thrilled to report that it is 7 days until the first day that we need the buggers and:


I just hope that this doesn't represent all of my gardening success this year.


At 7:41 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Is it cheesy to say that Ada would be such great friends with these three and I wish you still were here? As a gardener, she's resorted only to picking dandelions. She's too preoccupied with taking her plastic golf clubs outside, swinging them around, and shouting, "hockey! hockey!"


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