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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taking Suggestions

After Friday, birthday season is no longer about me. We're planning a Backyardigans b-day for the boys, who will have to share birthday parties for the next 10 or so years unless you are Aidan or Noah than you'll share b-days for the next 100 years. Barring any unforeseen events (chicken pox), Sammy gets to have a birthday at school this year for the first time!!! This is what I have to work with from the hippie school:
On the day of your child's birthday celebration, please provide a brief biography of special accomplishments or occasions and a picture or two for each year of your child's life. Please choose photographs in which your child is prominent. The photos and biography will be used for the "birthday walk" and kept in the classroom on display for a week.

Any suggestions?? This is going to be hard!!

By the way, there is another paragraph about how the child walks around a candle representing the sun, while he carries a globe. If I am feeling spiritual and calm, I find this quite nice. On an average day during which I've been peed on twice and been up since 6am with all of my children, I can only think: please let him be first out when the place burns to the ground.


At 9:47 AM , Blogger Amber said...

I think you should put him in an astronaut's uniform and teach him to say "Houston, we have a problem" at 30 second intervals.

At 3:32 PM , Anonymous Joy said...

More coincidences with Bella. We are also planning a Backyardigans themed party for this year.


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