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Friday, January 18, 2008


Thursday evening Scott has rehearsal. As a blessed and fortuitous twist of scheduling, the boys have all had swim classes on Thursday afternoon also. I have come to really enjoy a night off. It doesn't hurt that Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy are both on. For the most recent series of classes, the Y changed the classes so that our levels are on Monday afternoon. Plus? I get sleepy boys on Monday. The class time is now free swim, family time on Thursday. We've adjusted our schedules a bit and now the boys get to swim 2x a week and twice a week we have stellar bedtimes.

I realized yesterday that though I had a bag of bathing suits and towels ready to go, I was missing some suits. With a groan, I remembered having left them in the sauna (I toss them in for a few minutes so they aren't sopping wet in my bag). OK, no big deal, I'll try to remember to stop by and dig through the lost and found.

Fast forward to the Y employee making cracks about a mom who forgets her suits so often that they joke about her storing her suits there. Until I fish out not just their three suits, but one, oops TWO of mine AND another whole set of theirs. In case you've lost count, that is EIGHT bathing suits, ten if you count my tops and bottoms separately.


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