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Monday, March 03, 2008

There's no period in team

Boys, let me just say, you should stop reading now. I'm not joking. Mikey, I'm posting for the day, but without question this is not about the greatest gift I've ever received.

Men, this post is NOT going to be about cute things like baby puke. I refer you to the title.

Playtex has come out with a "Sport" line of tampons. They were on sale and came in a multi pack, so I tried them.

Oddly, each one comes wrapped in a package that includes several motivational? statements. They come in a series of themes. There are the predictable, FranklinCovey-esque blurbs, like
"Keep doing what you do best." "Mental attitude affects performance".

Some are sportsy messages like "No distractions...just pure concentration."

Predictably there's a smattering of Spice Girls "Girl Powa" with "You're a take charge kind of girl." and the ever popular "You go, girl!"

Then I came upon the curious: "Go play. We've got your back"

But (and remember the method of delivery) here's the one that truly boggles the mind: "Go team"



At 2:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! This is the funniest I have every heard. I mean it's great with the motivational messages...but "go team"...that one's kinda odd. I wonder if the words are an "subliminal antedote" for the battle against PMS! Priceless!


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