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Saturday, March 01, 2008

BufBloPoFo - #1

Because Mikey asked and I am an occasional blogger, here goes:
I blog now because my family is 500 miles away and I am a crappy keeper-in-toucher (just ask any friends who live outside my timezone - hi Molly & Dena!). This was I can share pictures, wacky kid stories and generally have an outlet when I feel a little out of place and homesick.

My URL is "Triple Threat of Toddlers" and is the blog formerly known as "Three Under Three Feet". That is due to my darling brood, who if you've read my blog ever, you've met. I had to rename when Sammy had growth spurt. In addition to renaming my blog, I had to start watching where my hands were as I inadvertently started whacking him in the head.

That's my blog in a nutshell. Plus I like the template because it's best of the choices quickly available. I'm pretty low tech and don't put much time into my blog mechanics unlike some people I know, and some other people I know very well. I don't even know how to post videos. So y'all get lots of pix. Plus, I'd really like the fancy logo. Mikey, little help?

Shout out to the other PoFo's!!!


At 9:28 PM , Blogger Bryan Mahoney said...

Yo fello po fo!
Shout back at cha!


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