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Sunday, March 02, 2008

And then he finally fell asleep

Some nights, bedtime is a greater relief than others. Now this is a concert weekend, which means that Scott is at the mercy of Mr. Kent's schedule. The results are truly phenomenal, but we do miss him and I try to keep things easy during these four days. And as you might assume, these are certainly the evenings when bedtime is usually a welcomed, let's just say, change of pace. Anyway Thursday night, I get Aidan & Noah tucked in and quiet and head in to Sam.

Sam begins to tell me about a concert they had a school today. He tells me about the instruments and says he especially likes the saxophone and the loud parts. He told me more about the concert then tells me that he might like to play the saxophone or violin. I told him we know people who play the saxophone like his cousin, Callum, Pop Wilks and Chris Viney. "Oh Mommy! (by the way, anything that starts this way is usually pretty entertaining) I have a friend named Chris in my class. His whole name is Christopher (last name), but we call him Chris and he wasn't born like me. He uses a wheel chair to get around." He continues to talk about Chris and things he does that are similar and dissimilar to him. We talk about being kind to all people and that we cannot know anyone by how they look. Sam adds, "like that man in front of us in the restaurant today." I have no idea what he's talking about. He reminds me that there was a man in Panera who had "angry eyes, grey hair and long eyebrows" and used a wheel chair. "He made me think about my friend Chris because Chris is mad sometimes too." I press on, "what do you think about that?" "I'm really glad I can use both of my legs."

I kept going with this one. He was really chatty and obviously thinking hard. Scott & I have been working with him to participate and understand church more. I use the opening to tell Sam that when we pray at church that we can talk to God about things we are grateful for. Sam says, "like using both legs and not having to use wheel chairs or stilts to get around. Oh Mommy! We have to say our prayers."

We get through to Amen and our God Blesses. Then he laughs and says, "Mommy! We sure talked about lots of things tonight!"

And then he slept. And I was grateful.



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