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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Butt

We've all seen Finding Nemo. If you have or know small children, you have probably heard it ad nauseum from the other room while thanking god for allowing man to create tv and giving Walt Disney his infinite wisdom. I, like you, am no different.

Think about the scene when Nemo is trying to hang out with the cool fish. One of them refers to the boat as a butt. Hee hee.

Despite outside appearances, I have a real appreciation for potty humor.
This scene never fails to crack me up.

It was with that in my head that I got a good laugh when I heard Noah whispering "I see the butt. The butt is in sight. Approaching the butt." Then I realized this litte voice was getting closer...to me! I turned around to find Noah inching towards, well, my butt, holding a 2" telescope with the biggest sh*t-eating grin ever.


At 9:43 PM , Blogger Jaime said...

hysterical...at least he wasn't saying "big" butt. By the way, we love Nemo..Mikey and I just watched it together last sunday. it is only the 297,599 time i've seen it! and the part when the lobster is saying, "its like wicked dahk down there" still cracks me up!


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