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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gratuitous Cuteness Alternating With Filth

I made the mistake of showing Sammy his Easter outfit. He was beside himself that he might have to wait to wear it. I buckled. Obviously.

Not yet five and playing checkers more than just a little competitively!

For the love of pearl, is it Special Helper Day again already?!?! This time its brownies.


At 12:56 PM , Blogger Betty said...

So adorable!!!!

At 2:17 PM , Blogger Gina said...

HAHAHA ... I LURVE Noah's facial expression in the one where he's stirring the brownie batter!!!!

At 8:40 PM , Blogger Jaime said...

The Easter outfit is too much...I am laughing so hard. mostly about the grin on sammy's face...looks like he's ready for corporate America!!!


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