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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday is the new Thursday

Tuesdays are my new Thursdays. Scott used to sing on Thursday nights. I would pick Sam up from school and go directly with all the boys to swim class. I would run like someone was chasing me for 25 minutes on the treadmill and go back for showers. The boys insisted that I bring “comfy” clothes i.e. jammies. This allowed me to go home, feed them, brush teeth, cuddled swim-sleepy boys and put them to bed.
By 7pm they were out and I got a night full of Ugly Betty, Greys and whatever ABC forced on me after that. Topped off with a glass of wine and some nail polish. Thursdays were my favorite night of the week.

Scott has started singing again and the boys take skating lessons. All on Tuesdays. 

I leave work at 2:45 to get the boys at 3:15. We go home. Sam takes dog out while I change out of work clothes and throw something in the crock pot. On to the rink where we collect our skates and line up three boys, three helmets, six gloves and approximately 16 yards laces. (Seriously have you seen the length of the average hockey lace?!) On to the ice for 45 minutes, where Sammy has decided that skating forward is soooo easy and Aidan and Noah dropped their walkers today after 3 lessons ever.
Off the ice and undo it all. Distribute water bottles, tie 6 shoes, collect helmets, hat on heads and go, strategically avoiding the video games and counting the seconds while they all visit the men’s room alone. We come home, again let the dog out. Sam and I go over the homework while Aidan and Noah do puzzles. Sam does homework, everybody gets showers, dinner is ready.




And I am fried, but satisfied because Tuesday is my new Thursday, with more miles and I got it all done with smiling boys. Sammy was learning tenses at school today and the way he described it to me was by conjugating “love” as in “Mommy loved me when I was a little boy.” “Mommy loves me today.” “Hear how I don’t say ‘Mommy love me.’ because that wouldn’t make sense.” Yes. I got it all done!

Tonight once they were asleep, or close because Sammy *had* to finish one more Hardy Boys chapter, I poured a glass of wine, pretty happy with myself (did I mention the dishes are all done and homemade muffins are ready for breakfast?). I figured I’d scratch some notes for my acceptance speech for Mother of the Year since I know I’m going to beat out that controlling bitch with more kids and a reverse mullet.

The dog crapped on the floor.

Ah well. Tuesdays are my new Thursdays and it was a good one.


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