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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beach Vacation Part One

We are on **VACATION**!!!!

I haven't been on vacation in a year. More specifically, I have not been on the beach to relax and hang with friends, family and kids in TWO years! On the surface that just seems whiny, but we used to live here. I don't mean figuratively. I mean literally used to live 10 minutes from here

The boys kicked off the vacation with an almost instant squirt gun fight, after they helped unload the car...one of the great advantages of traveling with big boys.

We had to move on to the beach before sundown, where they dove into the ocean, jumped waves, dug individual holes as deep as they each could, then tunneled to connect them, then made them into a giant moat. So far we have toted zero gear or refreshments. I had a crossword puzzle book. They had the ocean.

Naturally we had to celebrate vacation with ice cream.

Don't worry it gets better from there.

Stay tuned for pics from days in the sunshine with friends, cousins and boogey (boogie? bogey? boogy?) boards.


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