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Saturday, April 16, 2011

7 Weeks and Counting

The half marathon is 7 weeks away. So I layered up this morning, despite the high wind warning and drizzle, which devolved into driving rain circa mile 4. Spring brings any number of predictable signs on my preferred route: the bright green of the golf course, shoots of daffodils, any manner of poo to dodge, all ages, sizes and modes of transportation, even this morning, the lights of the local ball field! Spring is here!

It is a lovely park surrounded by woods from which loads of creepy types emerge, including a freaky wolf/dog thing and some equally hairy things that usually carry brown bags. It is largely safe despite the time there was a masked man trailing us. No I'm not kidding. After passing us multiple times in the early hours, this creeper drove by with a bandana over his face. Thankfully the police wasted no time getting there.

Anyway, the weather kept most everyone away, save for the minivan driving the wrong way in the bike lane. I plowed through 5 miles almost entirely alone in the park. I was ready to go further, but duty called. I've got to get in at least an eight mile run, though I was hoping to do nine, this weekend to stay on track for the half marathon. Tomorrow promises to be a bit warmer and should be much drier.

The really newsworthy part is the I managed over 2 nine-minute miles! Fueled by G.Love, Black Keys and Joss Stone, as well as a couple bites on Noah's pancake wrapped around brown sugar, I flew! Finally the wind and wet took hold a little and I had to slow down. It is not a pace that I typically achieve so it was really gratifying. Whether it was the music, the food,the pressure to get home so that boys could get to rehearsal or the encouragement of the very generous donations to the Team Cure Challenge, it came together today and I've got the sweat to prove it.


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