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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bigger than me.

OK - It was bound to happen. I had a crappy day at work. I don't have those. Today I did.

So I came home and finally ordered pictures that I'd been meaning to:

Waiting to get into the Magic Kingdom for the first time.

This is Aidan pretending to fly a jet pack.

And I went to Zumba.
Still feeling just grumpy.

So I decided to do something that is better than stewing in frustration. When I run the half marathon in May, it will be to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I've joined the Team Cure Challenge with a very modest fundraising goal. If you are interested in supporting me you can search me at:

I can also email you my link directly.

I was very excited to run the half marathon before but after this day I'm even more excited to put some other purpose behind it. It puts things in perspective.

Incidentally, if you cannot support me, you can still do your part in the fight against cancer.
  1. Just please wear sunblock.
  2. Don't smoke.
  3. Register with the National Blood Marrow Donor Bank.


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