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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

old chocolate is still chocolate

I went to a conference as a vendor back in the fall. In attention-getting 101, you are taught to feed them and they will pay attention. This applies to conferences, presentations, sales pitches, class, work…..what have you.

Well my fancy book learnin’ tells me that good candy gets more attention than bad candy. So Dove Chocolates and Reeses Cups adorned my table in pretty fall colors.

Today I was cleaning my office and found a few chocolates at the bottom of my convention bag. Instinctively I popped the six month old Reeses Cups into my desk drawer until later having learned from the best economizer known to modern times,- don't waste. The only Reeses Cups I’d ever known growing up were always at minimum six months old with the white coating of having weathered temperature fluctuations. This was due to my Grandma Eagan buying everything in volume including food that could never come back across the border from the Canadian beach cottage. These deals, too good to pass up, were left in the mothballed, contact paper-covered cupboard next to the awkward volume cans of Coke for next season.

To all of the Eagan cousins and friends who ever scorched their lilly white, irish skin at Bay Beach chasing Eli’s fries with Coke and last season’s Reeses Cups, this one’s for you!


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