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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Some Recent Gems

My brother and sister-in-law are so so so close to welcoming their newest baby. And as anyone who has ever given birth has likely enjoyed the exhausting last month. My nurse midwife once told me that she believed the last month of pregnancy was intentionally so hard so that you wouldn't worry about actually giving birth.
Last Sunday, I had my niece and nephew for the day to give the mom-to-be to be a chance for a nap or whatever. We took the kids on a nature walk. Played trains. Made chocolate chip cookies. Played Disney trivia. Played trucks. Watched a movie. Had baths. It was a terrific day and the kids were awesome. Julia and I ate cold, left-over chinese with our fingers, out of the box.

We are not as child-proofed as we once were, but it isn't as if there is a bowl of marbles, a pile of steak knives and booze in sippy cups on the shelf next to the high chair. There was, however, a six foot ladder in my kitchen. The three year old boy focused right in on it!

Miles: Can I climb this ladder?
Me: No.
Miles: Why not?
Me: It isn't set up.
Miles: Can you set it up?
Me: No.
Miles: Why not?
Me: Oh ok.
(once the ladder set up)
Miles: Can I climb it now?
Me: No.
Miles What are these for? (pointing to the supports on the back of the ladder)
Me: They help hold the ladder together.
Miles: And (pointing to the legs of the ladder) is this the slide?

Of course, because why would you climb a ladder if you weren't going slide down something.

In other topics, I am not handle philosophical conversations at bedtime.
Aidan: Mommy, why do kisses make the noise?
Me: So that you know that you landed it.
Aidan: I think it is because God made them make noise.
Noah: Mommy, maybe, but I think Mother Nature made the science stuff though.

Sure. Ok. I've got nuthin'! That will have to do for the night boys.


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