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Friday, February 25, 2011

Simply Real

Back in the day, I worked for a company that was in the business of development of products featuring ease and innovation. That year a fun new mag hit the scene with recipes, problem solutions, decorating tips, accessible fashion suggestions. It was like Martha Stewart for every girl. I subscribed, saved issues and used the heck out of them.

There were things like:
New uses for orphaned socks
Best detergent for allergy sufferers
A weeks worth of meal in under an hour
Spruce up your home for spring for $50
Making the most out of the last of a roll of wrapping paper
Best method for clearing a zit, washing the cat, writing a cover letter, organizing your desk

Really loved this magazine. Over the years, I stopped reading too many magazines; any of them. I try to squeeze in the Sunday paper, a crossword puzzle, and few books, but rarely magazines. I ultimately canceled the subscription to Real Simple, Fitness, Newsweek, leaving only the People mags that Colleen bequeathed my for gym usage.

A while back I subscribed to the Real Simple online newsletters. They include bite-sized bits of things I could digest in the limited time I have; a recipe or two always jumps out, maybe a helpful tip. I've enjoyed it for awhile.

I've decided though, that I need to dump it because the themes lately have seemed, well, less than "real" and only "simple" if you are pondering life's challenges with your feet up eating bonbons, dissatisfied with contrasting pillows and duvet and pondering a deeper pile for the carpet. These are a few of the recent, actual teasers:

Cutting Board Holder (the counter?)
Beer Koozie as Shaving Cream Holder (or for a koozie for beer and shelf for the shaving cream holder)
Ribbon Smoother (not aware that my wrinkled ribbons were a lifestyle problem)
8 Adorable Egg Cups (wah??)

8 Delicious Treats for Bacon Lovers (Delish, weird, not making my life any better)

what really really sent me was this, the Joseph Joseph Double Dish. The pitch read: Edamame pods, pistachio shells, olive pits: There’s never an acceptable spot for tossing them. The three pockets on this space-saving double dish are made for stashing.

Well, Real Simple, it's been good. It's been meaningful. But you've jumped the shark.


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