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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Recovery

So, if you have been following the manic chronicle of my life at all, perhaps you remember when Aidan let go a little word we like to reserve for adult use. I quickly copped to it as it is my word of choice though I'd always thought I was careful about not swearing in front of the kids. I was recently vindicated with the following conversation.

Aidan: Mommy there are three bad "S" words:
the one that you say when you want someone to stop talking
the one that is mean to call names
the baaaad one. The one I said

Me: if it was so bad, why did you say it

Aidan: Louis (named changed to protect the innocent) told me that it was a reeeeeaaaalllly bad word. Then it got stuck in my head like a song and I just said it.

Oh that poor little honey must have just been about to burst! More importantly, IT WASN'T ME!!!!


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