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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting,Wishing, Hoping

Mr. Noah is still waiting for that pesky tooth to fall out. Every day is excruciating for poor Mr. Aidan. Noah wiggles it, does tricks with it and broadcasts its every change. Aidan seethes and grinds his firmly planted teeth.

It started with "I think it is loose. I moved my tooth when the rest of my head was still." I peeked in only to find the sign of future braces as evidenced by the big tooth growing in behind the baby tooth, a la shark teeth!

We are happily entertaining the process for Noah. Sammy has been telling him what to expect. Noah has been sharing the very satisfying movements with every one. Aidan and Noah were toe-to-toe, while Aidan had his finger in Noah's mouth and declared, "ooooo cool".

As I was leaving for work this morning, Noah called, "hey Mommy, wanna wiggle?"

Like there are two answers to that question!! Such a funny, fabulous way to start my day.


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