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Friday, December 17, 2010


There are books written about the topic.

Careers have been ruined because of the subject.

It is the annual hot topic on management blogs.

It is: the company holiday party.

The basics are clear:
1. Don't drink too much.
2. Don't bring a new date.
3. Don't wear anything that you wouldn't wear to work.
4. Don't talk about work, politics, personal issues, or any other zesty topic.

In short, don't do anything that will cause you to be the topic of conversation on Monday. Pretty much my motto for life. I don't want to be the topic of conversation. I never want to embarrass myself. I don't even like to see other people embarrass themselves. Not a huge fan of being the center of attention.

Last week the boss gifts and accompanying cards were purchased and returned to the office about 15 minutes after I left. I declined the offer by the admin to sign them for me after she said she was signing them from Frank, our project manager "Love, Frankie". At the party the next day, she slips me the cards minutes after I said hello to her. I get the cue and excuse myself from our banquet room to sign them at the bar.

Returning with them, I slipped them into my purse just before walking back in. Glancing down at my purse, I failed to discern the glass partition to the banquet area and WALKED INTO IT!!!!! And gonged like the steeple at Notre Dame!!!

Needless to say, if my goal for the night was NOT to embarrass myself at the company party, I failed.


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