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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

to be thankful

things I have learned from the Turkey Trot:

1. anyone can run 5 miles
2. the TT is 8k, or 4.97!
3. anyone can run 4.97 miles
4. there are lots of ways to interpret "running"
5. apparently the organizers of the event/suppliers of the timing chip also believe that anyone, including the common idiot can run 4.97 miles judging by the instructions to strap the adhesive circle around your shoe laces. I kid you not when I report that there were three (3) sets of instructions on how to correctly strap the day-glo orange band around your shoelaces.
I was reminded how grateful I am that I can run under my own steam.
7. I will run in gear, maybe even costume, but I will **never** run attached to anyone else, for example dressed as a centipede.

In Gratitude!


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