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Thursday, November 18, 2010

From the mouth of...

The boys were digging through the garage, recently packed away for winter. They were looking for their Flying Turtles. Noah was successful. Sam was successful. Aidan, neck deep in lawn furniture and sand toys, muttered “shhhhit”.

I promptly called him out and inquired, “what did you just say?” He has the poker face of, well, a six-year old. That sweet sweet face replied ever so surprised, “shit.” I said, ”Aidan, that’s not a word you use!” He, again very innocently said, “Is it a bad word?” I choose to believe that he really did not know because the face that goes with anything less than the truth reads like a neon sign.

I gently told him that he is not to say that and gave him a battery of other things from “rats” to “pits” to choose from. He happily went off to play.

Notice I did not ask where he heard that word, because it is totally mine!


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