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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Minute I Saw You

Facebook users often encourage other users to take up a cause or show affinity for someone/thing by changing your status. Most recently I saw what was meant to be a loving sentiment to your child. "I loved you before you were born. I loved you the minute I saw you" You get the idea. Well, this had me in stitches this morning.

Just as an opener, at one point, later in my twin pregnancy, I think I was wider than I am tall. No love there.

Aidan was positioned horizontally (that would be side-to-side) somewhere above elbow height for most of the pregnancy. Nope, no love there.

I waddled slowly for most of the 35 weeks while toting around an 18 month old who was fond of telling people I was having 5 babies. But really who could blame him when I could shade him from the sun under my belly. No love there either. Truthfully I never minded being pregnant but cooking two of them is, let's say, physically challenging.

What really had my laughing though was the sentiment that "I loved you the minute I saw you". I had the twins by c-section which included some very lovely, numbing drugs. We got to the moment of truth and Scott showed me a baby! I thought he looked an awful lot like Sammy, but tinier. There was no announcing "it's a boy!" because having twins was enough of a surprise. We knew they were both boys. Moving on Scott showed me "another" baby. I thought, "that jerk just showed me the same baby twice".


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