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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Viking Lobster Company

My big brother turned 39 yesterday. He decided that instead of a romantic outing with his wife that we should all come too. He chose the Viking Lobster Company.

Esther told me that the first time they went they ordered the "Seafood Feast for Two". At $75 each, it was a seafood bonanza the likes of which Buffalo doesn't see and pretty affordable for what you get. She describe that what they were served was a pizza platter of seafood. They gorged themselves and then met the bill, that showed the seafood tsumani was $75 for both of them!

Really though, a pizza pan of seafood. I was imagining maybe a personal pan pizza amount of seafood.
I was wrong!

We went to a Crusty Crab-like dive in Buffalo's Riverside District, parked in a dirt parking lot and I began to regret not leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. You would never never stumble upon this place and may not be able to find it if you were looking on purpose.

It is BYOB so we got to drink our own good wine and lots of it while starting with the best Clams Casino I've ever had, coupled with two orders of "The Pile", a seafood mountain appetizer. Then the pizza platter came out, each with 2 lobsters, crab piece, gargantuan crab legs, giant shrimp and huge pieces of haddock that may as well have been decorative kale. By the time we got down there it was just silly.

If all of the isn't enough, the VIKING LOBSTER COMPANY had a birthday hat for the birthday boy!

My only regret is that I didn't have a better camera. That is MY brother. Those are blond braids. He is NOT drunk.

My final thought is this: Should you ever find yourself near Buffalo with your appetite or know where Buffalo and have no reason to be here , GO TO THE VIKING LOBSTER COMPANY!


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