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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pirates at Disney

Do you remember your sixth birthday? How about your eighth? I can pretty much guarantee that my little boys will always remember theirs. We planned a trip to celebrate, complete with the full surprise. They had no idea when we picked them up from school that they were on their way to Disney World. They chatted about school, as usual typically competing for air time to tell their stories about the day and week.

We got them to the airport, telling them that we were wishing Pop and Grandma Marcia a happy trip. Except then we got them out, sat them on the open hatch of the van and asked them where they wanted to fly to. Noah said "Ireland". Sammy chirped, "Florida". Scott cued him with, "where in Florida?" They got this finally and hollered "DISNEY".

Wish granted.

None of us knew just how awesome it was going to be. We did what we could to set the stage. With Aunt Gina, Aunt Bridget, Uncle Mike, Uncle Reed, Laura and Martha, we were at a better than 2:1 adult to kid ratio. And a better vacation crew could not be found!

The stage was set against the back drop of a pirate room.

This is the moment of anticipation waiting for the gates to open.

Day One, we scheduled a Pirate Adventure for the boys.

Look we are dressed like pirates.

And now we are pirates

Not done yet. Watch carefully.

This is the look of pure bliss. A gift for me too.

Those eyes are closed!

Now for Noah.

No make up for Sam thank you.
Sam likes his beautiful face as is.

And so does Mike


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