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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

score one for me

Sammy has really acquired his attitude and can be known to whip it out indiscriminately. However, with the predictability of a pre-nap toddler, some things are guaranteed to set him off. Reliably anything that his brothers get near that belong to him will annoy him. For example, this morning Aidan grabbed one of Sam's warm sweatshirts from the laundry I just brought up. I told him he could and told him Sam wasn't going to be happy when he got up but just tell him he'd take it off after breakfast.

I happened to be in the kitchen when Sammy wandered in. I decided to head this one off by telling him myself.

Well, I should have put money on that horse because it took off! Grump, grumble, snap....and I almost engaged. Instead in a rare moment of parental clarity, I said, "Sammy, honey, what am I going to say".

Sam: You'll say just let him wear it.
Me: What will you say?
Sam: I'll say I don't want him to.
Me: And what will I to say
Sam: He isn't hurting anything
Me: And what will you say
Sam: That he can until after breakfast
Me: And what will I say?
Sam: (silence)
Me: I'll tell you what a good sharer and nice brother you are!
Sam: (laughs and hugs)

And just in case the mood wasn't light enough, Aidan added, "Mommy sometimes I laugh so hard that snot comes out of my nose."


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