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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Many More Babies

I've gotten some good quality time with my niece and nephew this week. It has included picking them all up from school. I tried to corral the after school chaos by launching into our favorite part of the day. Noah declared that his favorite part of the day was learning about schema (love this school!!) and he would share more later. Julia is up but "Aunt Leah, I don't want to tell you my favorite part of the day because I would like some peace and quiet." I'm thinking, "you are in the wrong car, sweetie!" Thankfully the masses obliged because it was library day and they were inhaling their new reads.

This pic doesn't do the crew justice. We had a fifth in the middle in the back. It is one full car!

We had a trip out to Chestnut Ridge to blow off steam and tear through the woods.

Everybody taking turns leading through the woods with the boys schooling their younger cousins in tracking.

Keeping up the big kids.

Me: Miles, your cheeks are all red.
Miles (grinning mischievously): nnnnooooo. They are green.


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