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Monday, January 10, 2011

good things in small packages

So a big happy birthday to my big brother! He turned 40. Which means my delightful watershed year is a 16 months away. Since I've had children, I realize how sucky that must have been for my young mother. Mine were further apart but I did have one more. They were younger and we were right on top of each other. I think they did a really great job raising us despite challenges I cannot imagine at 20!

In any case I have said any number of times, "I could use a break". Short of a day on rewind without the sweet babies, I'm not sure what that even means. I wouldn't change a thing. The 3/4 time job, three kids' worth of homework, activities, and the overall life management just keep us all very busy. "Mommy, LOOK!", "Mommy, tuck me in", "Mommy, can we read stories", "Mommy, help me find a Lego piece". I try to remember that these are all quickly going to be replaced with something much less sweet and affectionate. Yet, there are still days that I think "I could use a break".

Yesterday, I realized that one form that takes is as delicious, healthy leftovers from my brother's fabulous party. Our families put out a crazy amount of amazing food, including two lasagnas, homemade gumbo from the Mississippi Mimi, hand rolled sushi, CHEEESE, and Alaskan crab legs that outweighed some of the smaller ones among us.

And when it was all over, we were sent packing with so much food that I am headed into Day Three of a dinner that I do not have to make. My best estimate is that I can stretch out into Day Four judging by the side of ham in my fridge.

So a big, side of ham-sized THANK YOU to Grandma Julia, who knows very well how a little help goes a loooong way! Thank you daily, loudly, sincerely to my own mom who delivers little help and big help routinely, including making sure that I didn't leave my bag of food behind. xoxo!

PS - according to one of the six year olds: Uncle John is the coolest because he tells the funniest jokes. Happy Birthday!!

PPS - wishing all the Moms & Dads a much needed break from time to time


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