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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cuz it needz to be sed

We are devolving into sloppy spellers and poor punctuators. Or perhaps we are evolving as language and communication does. Regardless of which side of this particular communication debate you come down on (OR on which you come down), there is just no excuse for stupid.

Phonetic spelling should be reserved for Webster. Z's and S's are not interchangeable, nor are Y's and I's. If I have to say it out loud to make it make sense, I'm working way too hard at your logo or tag line. And emoticons are just a poor excuse for bad communication skills.

Is a toy more fun because of those jaunty K's in Kozy Koupe?

Despite annoying me every time I darkened the doorstep , I used to be a frequent customer at "Bagelzz" as if they anticipated patrons to still be sleeping when they arrived.

A perennial favorite is the bedding store called "800 Mattres", who reminded you to "leave off the last S for savings". It amused me to learn that the founder was Napoleon Barragan, which led to wonder if he intentionally phonetically spelled his last name "Bargain."

The one that fired me up most recently was the construction supply company "SaftiFirst", clearly a play on the mantra "Safety First". So alarming! If safety truly does come first, let's make that clear.


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