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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

We have an Advent Calendar that is a house with a door for every day of the month. Couple that with the wily elf we call Kirby who hides some place different every day checking up on things for the Claus and an entirely separate countdown calendar, it seems un-possible that Christmas would sneak up on the boys.

Noah asked me today if tomorrow was the "real Christmas". Not as smart as he looks.

We've had a few flubs this year, what with all the magic we are charged with making every night, one can hardly blame us! Kirby has forgotten to come back once, while on another day that lazy spy was just in the same spot. Totally forgiven for the time he was hanging like a trapeze artist from a plant hook, causing Noah to squeal like a girl and his brothers to melt into peels of laughter.

Then there's the advent "calendar". I had to run out one night when I realized that I had only planned out 3 days. Important to know that each boys get a day in rotation, so that after Aidan got a piece of gum and Sam got a piece of gum, they collectively called foul when Noah got a matchbox car. We just lost steam at the end, plus we were out of order and what to do 6 days later about the inequity? Does Noah get his gum the day before Christmas? In the interest of Christmas Eve sanity, I leaned the game "Bananagrams" against the house with a note from Kirby the Spy Elf. They were so unhinged with excitement that they cheered and Noah and Aidan ran to the tree, from which Kirby was dangling and called out thank yous!

Four days ago they drew up a cookie menu for Santa. And today Noah produced this, and Sammy edited the emphasis.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this holiday season finds you among loved ones and blessings!


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