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Monday, February 07, 2011

Which one are you?

Who doesn't love library day? Our boys are lucky enough to be at a school that doesn't cut corners on "specials". Library, gym, art, music, spanish, and my personal favorite, dance. As to be expected, you must return your library book to get a new one. Sometimes this works out for the boys, and sometimes, well, sometimes, we enjoy Star Wars for weeks and weeks when it reappears at unpredictable intervals, but never on Monday a.m. when needed.

This morning, the sun shone down and library books were returned and new ones brought home in their place. Noah broke from his pattern. He's been in lurve with all things adventure, even better if it is a comic book, ahem, graphic novel.

I need to deviate briefly to share that over this past weekend, I backhandedly called Noah "Mr. Hyde" after he went from sweet to whiny. Then told him the very brief, 1st grade version of the story. He did not seem to be overly moved or interested.

Back to library day. As if to compete with his older brother's sweet, engaging, almost Haskell-like behavior, Noah ran to me after school and hollered, "Mommy! Guess what I got from the library??" I guessed a bunch of silly answers. He responded with "NO! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Mr. Hyde kills people!"

Not sure that was the literary exposure I was going for.


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