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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Road to Wellville

My mom, sister, cousin and I managed to pull off a girls weekend in Saratoga this weekend. With the schedules we individually juggle this should have taken as much negotiating as the Kyoto Accord. But schedule it we did!

We started with an overnight on the farm where we got lost in a pile of old photographs that my Gramma brought out. I learned that my Great-Grandfather's father and mother were shunned by their families because he was a Christian of some variety and she was Jewish. His parents disowned him and bequeathed him $1!

This is my Gram, looking not unlike my niece's most recent school pic with the giant bow.

My Gram also is really ready for spring and keeps an unbelievable garden every year in a former in-ground pool. This is her window, lined with seed packets giving her something to look forward to.

Saturday we made our way to Saratoga and a divine little spa with all the trimmings. It would seem that I was sheathed in dead skin since after my facial I had my 25 year old face again! I ran a total of 9 miles this weekend, soaked, steamed, swam and best of all hung with these fabulous ladies.

Please note that there was very little hair product or make up in use!

And then somebody ran by the pool.....

THEN, I came home to a clean house and a pork roast! Which is pretty good on any given day, but damn good when this is how they spent their day.


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