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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

which witch?

Noah: Why are your putting that on your face.
Me (dripping in sarcasm): To keep my skin pretty. Do you think I'm pretty? (insert my snicker)
Aidan: sort of.
Noah: yea sort of.
Me: What about you, Sam?
Sam: yeee-ah.
Me: Do you mean to say that I'm NOT the prettiest girl you know?
(insert their evil cackling!)
Me: Well, who IS the prettiest girl you know?!?!
Noah: Abby.
Aidan: Chloe.
Sam: Katie.

(insert my animated, over-the-top response here, specifically orchestrated to elicit more cackling)

Me: alright! That's it! You are getting a new Mommy. A pretty one.


Me: Yep. She'll be super pretty.

Then I turned and Noah's eyes were glistening with tears. "No, Mommy." He melted in my arms. I promised him that I was joking and that he was stuck with me for life so it was a good thing that this Mommy forever, even if I'm not so pretty. That broke a smile and got me an extra hug.

Which I'll hang on to while soothing my aching guilt.


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