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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It all got done.

My part time job has been very nearly full time for several weeks now. The deadline was noon today. I got home way late last night and could not face the mid-week restock.

So Scott went Wegmans sometime well after 9pm. He forgot his wallet.

So I went to Wegmans before 6am this morning because that is when I wake up.

And work? Well there were four more hours that followed the four hours of getting the last of the last done.

Finally got to see my little men for some QT tonight.

After dinner and getting Aidan & Noah to unload, then re-load the dishwasher, they showered, brushed teeth and we built the Woompa Cave. Folded laundry. Vacuumed. Changed the sheets. Rotated the wash. Fed the dog and cats. Walked the dog....in the rain.

Finally sat down with my nail polish, a glass of wine and Scrabble on FB. I went for the second glass of wine, put the bottle back in cupboard and caught the full glass of good Cesanese on the way back down. My kitchen looked like a crime scene! I was so spent that for a nanosecond I thought about leaving it.

Clearly, I did not leave shattered crystal and red wine strewn across the kitchen.

Let's just say, that now that I've vented, I'm going back to the wine. In a plastic cup. Classy.


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