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Friday, March 25, 2011


One of the boys' kindergarten buddies has a sister. Last year, our school 2nd grade was matched up with another school's 2nd grade as pen pals. Sam ironically ended up with the sister of the twins' buddy. And then she got into the boys' school this year.

Sam and said sister are good friends. She and Sam are tight. She was the new girl. Sam is just a sweet as sweet can be. And now is just as smitten as smitten can be.

Let it be known that she is also very nice. There are some 3rd graders toying with the land of the big girl. This week, Sam announced that two girls in his class wear fake nails, "even though they aren't supposed to." There is some extraordinary, well maybe quite ordinary, cattiness. OK. Move on. But the little sweetie that he raced around the skating rink with tonight hasn't discovered make-up, even lip gloss, always says hello to me by name (and not the first one), and skates fast.

Sammy dumped it repeatedly trying to keep up with her. They went round and round and round and round. Finally, we flagged all the kids down when it was time to go. We were plus one as new baby niece is 2 weeks old so old niece came with us. I've got three kids ready to go and Scott has *again* given Sam the head's up. I head to the car with 3/4 of our crew. Scott and Sam finally come out. It was only after Sam called repeatedly to his pal, when her mom said, "do you want me to get her?" Sam said yes and then told her to have a good weekend.

My baby is smitten.

This brings to mind a quote I recently read "If you are going through hell, keep going" (Winston Churchill). I believe this means I cannot stop moving until they are 24.


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