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Saturday, November 23, 2013

many hands make light work

We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation. This is only plural because we all live here. Scott is doing all of the work. Except when he has a job for a boy, then they fall over each other to be the one who successfully wins the bid. This morning, Scott called out, "who wants to help?". He was snapping a line. The tacit permission to cross over the forbidden boundary brought him a team of roadies. And a few observations and questions:

-don't let that fall.
-do you need tape or glue?
-you poke a lot of holes in the walls.
-what's under there?
-can I go under there?
-I always imagine what would happen if the ceiling fell
-do you ever pull the string out all the way
  why not?
  because I've never needed to.
  but can you.?
  but why haven't you?

-what are you trying to do?
-that doesn't sound good
-do you need that screw?
  can I collect it?

- I know I cannot but if I could cut that, how hard would it me for me?

while measuring, calculating, cutting, hoisting and drilling,my husband patiently, kindly and loving answered all of these questions and took in the comments. in return, his adoring fans confirmed (as if there was ever a doubt) that he holds the trophy.


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