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Saturday, January 05, 2013

When I'm not looking

I often tell the boys that they need to be on their best behavior when I'm not looking. Yeah, I'm sure I actually mean just be good out there in the world. However, often the immediate intent is to mitigate the times I walk in on someone jumping from anxiety and shock of "being caught" doing whatever: playing with the dog when he is supposed to be eating, horsing around with a brother, fingers in any manner of orifice where it does not belong.

What that doesn't cover is stuff I discover that has nothing to  is just unexpected, quirky and damn funny.

There are so many funny things I've stumbled upon over the years:

not to be caught off guard by any land lubbers

How you read your big brother's library book

Having a snack on the train

"Hi Mommy, How was your trip?"

too attached to the Bandits Banner to part with it before church

Safety First


Halloween decorations have been known to go from this:

to a less lonely arrangement

to just a friend to talk to (they are face to face here)

reading in the window seat

when Mommy doesn't get those games down quickly enough

well, what would YOU do if your chess piece was missing

I've got nothing here

Box of Legos as comfy seat

 As they get older, I (sadly) expect these funny things to dissipate. Recently there have been a few good ones though
The remainder of the brand new bottle of vanilla after I gave Aidan the bottle and the teaspoon, with the instructions, "put one in the muffin batter". I should have been clear about one what!

 so it doesn't get mixed up with someone else's poppy seeds

Magnetic salt and pepper grinders, attached to the switch plate (over the hideous wall paper that is getting ripped down!)

In the end, I'd say, they are on their weirdest behavior when I'm not looking!


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